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CBD Central Street Furniture Outdoor Digital Signage

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CNLC Display Joins White Horse Group LCD Bus Shelter Project

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Top Air Outlet Box

At the top of the outdoor digital signage aluminum alloy enclosure, we design an air outlet box for heat dissipation. The unique and novel design for the top air outlet box is anti-dust, and avoid-water directly gets in the enclosure. Protecting the LCD Panel won't be damaged by heat, water, and dust.

Cooling Fan System

We consider outdoor high-brightness LCD screens are vulnerable to damage by outdoors high-temperature, which may cause the risk of a black screen. We use imported brand fans to make the entire cooling system of the aluminum cabinet. Cooling air systems install at the top of the air outlet and in front of the LCD screen. Ensure the air convection speed in the chassis is within a reasonable range so that the overall temperature is about 30°.

Control Panel+ ELectrical

We centralized arrangement the control panel and electrical saves space, is easy to wire and looks organized and beautiful. At the same time, it is convenient to maintain. Good heat dissipation.

4G Module

The 4G module integrates high-quality voice and broadband data with high spectrum efficiency, high speed, low delay, low cost. Because it combines a variety of operator services, it has an advanced integrated mobile bandwidth wireless system. Allow media companies to remotely control, monitor, and player advertisements.

WIFI Module

Why add a WIFI module to the LCD digital signage. WIFI Module has a remote network to connect to the advertising player and manages the WiFi network through the system software. It is easy to operate and easy to understand. Anyone with a bit of computer knowledge can use it as they want.

Touch Module

The touch screen panel works as a medium for the interaction between people and advertisements. We can find the information on the outdoor LCD digital signage through the touch screen function. Feel free to query the location you want. It adds vivid life to the cold advertising machine.


Traditional advertisng is a static or scrolling lightbox. No sound, no video. The advertising looks very dull and unattractive. Now is the digital signage era. A digital screen displays the Video, not a tricky thing. Only Sound could not be together. So We help the client to add a speaker. Sound and Video together. It makes your advertisements much attractive.

Dust net

Guangzhou licheng electronic co, Ltd is the leading manufacturer of OEM and ODM indoor and outdoor digital signage for advertising media solutions.

LCD Module

Our LCD module with 2500nit high brightness panel. Anti-High temperature. Work as 24H/7days. Optional 2Kor 4K resolution. Different from traditional TV LCD, We adapt the industrial grade. Can apply the industrial-grade LCD panel to outdoor advertising, smart bus station, Wayfinding kiosk.


Why add a webcam to outdoor digital signage? Outdoor digital signage screen is more expensive than TV even if we add an aluminum alloy profile enclosure to protect the LCD panel. It is still not enough. To make a 100% guarantee for the safety of the digital signage not to be stolen, required to add a webcam for each outdoor LCD digital signage. It is a completed solution. Optional is available.

AR Glass

AR glass is an increasing light transmittance and anti-reflection glass. Outdoor high-bright LCD digital signage applies in outdoor sunlight environments, it is affected by sunlight a lot, and it is difficult for people to see the content. Therefore, when we produce outdoor high-brightness LCD digital signage, we will recommend using AR glass. With AR glass panels, we can read any information under sunshine. Simultaneously, it reduces the damage of ultraviolet rays to the LCD module and has a longer span life.


Double Side LCD Digital Signage

Suitable For Highways, Crowded Streets,
Scenic Spots, Playgrounds, etc.

Outdoor LCD digital screen

Suitable For Highways, Crowded Streets,
Scenic Spots, Playgrounds, etc.

LCD advertisng display for smart bus station

Suitable For Highways, Crowded Streets,
Scenic Spots, Playgrounds, etc.

Outdoor digital Signage Kiosk

Suitable For Highways, Crowded Streets,
Scenic Spots, Playgrounds, etc.


Lightweight design

The all-in-one machine has a 40mm ultra-narrow frame, 96mm ultra-thin thickness, and 95% large screen-to-body ratio, making it narrower, thinner, and lighter than conventional outdoor units.

Optical binding screen

The all-in-one machine adopts an industrial LCD full-fit integrated design. There is no need heat dissipation channel in front of the screen, so it can be easily customized to adapt to various external environments.

High-temperature resistance

Even under direct sunlight, the all-in-one can resist blackening defects as high as 110°C, and still display the image clearly, while the average screen temperature resistance is the only 70°C.

Military superconducting heat dissipation

The military superconducting heat dissipation technology adopted by the all-in-one machine can export heat faster, minimizing the number of cooling fans or without any fan for heat dissipation.

Ultra-high brightness

The all-in-one machine provides an excellent outdoor display with 3,000 nits brightness and 24*7 all-weather performance. Conventional outdoor devices can only achieve 2000 nits.

Wide viewing angle

IPS technology can better reflect the viewing angle of the all-in-one machine to view the screen from almost any angle.

IP66 protection level

The protection level of the all-in-one machine is IP66, which is waterproof, dustproof, sunproof, cold-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-theft, etc., so you can use it stably and reliably in almost all kinds of outdoor weather.

Tempered glass (IK10 grade)

The all-in-one device is equipped with IK10 grade 9MM double-layer AR laminated glass to provide the best protection against complex outdoor environmental factors and minimize damage caused by external impact.

Intelligent light adjustment

The automatic brightness sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen according to the brightness of the outside light, thereby minimizing power consumption, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

All aluminum housing design

Can diversify the use of the all-in-one digital signage for different application scenarios.



Guangzhou licheng electronic co, Ltd is the leading manufacturer of OEM and ODM indoor and outdoor digital signage for advertising media solutions. We founded in 2007 in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China. Offer manufacturing advertising equipment services.
We supply indoor and outdoor Lcd digital signage products. The main products are outdoor LCD, retail shop window high brightness LCD. LCD kiosk, LCD sign, Lcd digital Mupi, Aluminum alloy enclosure Etc. We are constantly innovating. Flexibly adjust the solution according to the customer’s budget and provide the best configuration.
Offer all-in-one-stop service and good after-sales service.



CNLC Display has participated in many governments and large group projects, which have firmly consolidated our leading position in advertising displays. We are proud of a strong product portfolio with many core products and are popular with millions of people. CNLC Display products have been used widely in various industries. It is easy to find CNLC Display products worldwide.







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