How does LCD display achieve ultra-narrow bezel?

Rising consumer awareness regarding the drawbacks and complexity of traditional advertising, such as short-lived print marketing, is instigating digitized advertisement adoption. In addition, many display designers, researchers, and advertisement companies are spending more on the improvement of the product’s display technology. For our company is main doing LCD monitor, LCD digital signage, high light LCD display kiosk. Today lets we talk some technology about LCD display.

At present the LCD display manufacturing fields,following process of the technology, the development trends of different electric equipment products move towards the light, thin, Narrow bezel, High-resolution and multi-functional merger direction.

How does LCD display achieve ultra-narrow bezel?

CNLC company has developed a new lcd display all-in-one machine, which makes LCD advertising machine thinner, larger display size and ultra-narrow bezel. Share the product picture with you.

This big size 75 inches lcd display used all-in-one machine assembly technology, make the  ultra-narrow bezel . We know that the LCD display is composed of cover glass ,Liquid crystal display and LEd back light. The all-in-one machine requires them to be glued tightly together. Full-fit screen refers to the use UV glue between the LCD screen and the glass cover plate seamless fitting. LCD advertising players should consider heat dissipation. Full-fit design, there is a vacuum between LCD screen and glass. No need to add a wind tunnel in front of the screen.Therefore, we can achieve ultra-narrow bezel lcd display and make it more slim.





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