Smart city bus station solution

Bus are the most frequent transportation used by urban people in daily travel.And because they’re used every day, so a lot of interesting things happen.For example, as soon as you turn the corner, you find that the bus you are going to take is gone; For example, after waiting for a long time, other buses have come three times, but the bus you are going to take is lost… All kinds of things that make people angry with the bus are happening all the time. How can we solution this?The new smart electronic bus station can solve these problems.Just imagine, people waiting for the bus stop will no longer have to worry about when the bus will arrive. Just look up at the LCD display screen with dynamic display information, you can know naturally. This new bus stop is bound to be loved by the bus people. In fact, Smart Bus station sign has been applied in many places.

Passenger Signage Solutions

   The Smart city bus station solution combines the LCD screen (also including the LED display) with the bus system to form a powerful electronic bus platform. Its system is mainly composed of three parts: a bus operation management center, a multimedia video management platform, and an intelligent electronic stop sign. The bus intelligent dispatching system can record the running time, location and distance of the vehicle before and after the vehicle at any time, and can view the inside of the vehicle through the video system The number of people, so that appropriate adjustments can be made when necessary to make the vehicle operation more reasonable.

    In recent years, digital signage is becoming more prevalent in transport industry and is considered as an effective tool to manage passengers flow. Not only crucial information can be delivered to passengers in real-time via digital signage, it also generates substantial revenue for transport operators as well as advertisement agencies.

 Timely release of bus information. The LCD display on the bus stop will directly release various information about the bus, including route forecast, location forecast and time forecast. Waiting passengers can intuitively and clearly understand the station that the waiting vehicle has reached and how long it will take to reach the station, so as to alleviate the anxiety of waiting. At the same time, the LCD display is a dynamic display, which can broadcast the adjustment of the bus route at any time, avoiding the embarrassment of delayed information dissemination and waiting for passengers.

Provide more information consulting services. In addition to displaying vehicle information, smart bus station can also use LCD displays to publish various public information and videos, such as news summaries, government announcements, entertainment gossip, and surrounding commercial information queries. In addition, in the event of emergencies such as sudden catastrophic weather and sudden epidemics, the electronic bus stop sign will become an effective emergency information release platform, and the information will be released at the first time, becoming one of the components of the urban public emergency response system.

Mobile phone charging station function

The advent of smart phones has changed people’s communication and other work and lifestyles, but the powerful smart core also faces the disadvantage of huge power consumption. The power is very easy to run out, and it is difficult to find a power for charging when going out. The smart bus station integrates the function of mobile phone gas station, which greatly meets the mobile phone charging requirements of the majority of waiting passengers. When going out, as a standard mobile party, the most feared thing is that the mobile phone is out of power. The bus stop card that can be recharged allows melancholy women to play with their mobile phones without worrying about running out of battery!

Outdoor LCD display used in smart bus station

The stylish and beautiful LCD display is used in the smart bus station, giving people a refreshing feeling. Smart bus station adopts highlight LCD display screen, 2000-3000nits, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment, so that the viewer’s eyes will not feel uncomfortable under any environment; bus station shell surface spraying imported metal paint, anti-corrosion, anti-static, dustproof and waterproof, wind and lightning protection, anti-theft and so on.





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