Outdoor digital signage solution

Outdoor advertising display machine can be widely used in outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, touch interactive query and other fields.We can see LED displays everywhere in the streets, shopping malls, gymnasiums, parks, airports, subways, etc. How about LCD display? With the development of LCD display technology, we also see more and more applications of outdoor LCD digital signage. Bring us a new sensory experience.

What matters should be paid attention to when customizing outdoor digital signage?

1.Eye-catching, fashionable, novel and beautiful appearance

The original intention of outdoor advertising is to attract customers as much as possible. Fashion good-looking lcd display shapes can enhance the audience’s favor. CNLC have a professional structural design team that can provide hundreds of different digital signage shapes for customers to choose. Sleek&stylish design help you captivate your audience.

2.All-weather durability

The outdoor environment is complex and changeable. We must consider different climatic conditions. Whether it is sunshine, rain or snow, the outdoor digital signage can be used normally. Outdoor LCD display is facing the problems of waterproof, dustproof, air duct, anti typhoon, anti shock, anti-corrosion and so on. This puts forward high requirements for the product structure design and enclosures of outdoor advertising machine. CNLC outdoor advertising machine adopts all aluminum alloy structure and professional waterproof materials to achieve high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, moisture-proof effect, extend the service life of advertising machine, and realize 24-hour uninterrupted work.


Anyone who has walked outside with their smartphone knows that to be able to read a digital display in the sun, you need to turn the brightness up quite a lot. The requirements of outdoor digital signage have certain particularities. The first problem to be solved is that the screen display content must be visible under strong outdoor light. To meet this requirement, it is necessary to increase the brightness and contrast of the display to provide 2000-2500cd/brightness Reach 3000 2500cd/1 contrast ratio, adopt 1920×1080P or 3840X2160P resolution, display standard 16:9 screen, plus professional wide-angle LCD panel and unique LCD color reproduction technology. It can highlight the video and picture information to be displayed by the outdoor advertising machine, and enhance the publicity effect of the advertisement.
     Finally, there is energy-saving control. The advantages of high-definition display and efficient information dissemination are essential, but they often bring more power consumption. To deal with the power consumption on your outdoor digital display, many signs use a light ambient sensor. This device adjusts the brightness of your sign based on the amount of light. This allows you to save as much energy as possible while also ensuring that your sign is always readable.





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