How does digital signage work in outdoor environment?

In our connected age, traditional light boxes, neon lights, posters, flyers and other advertising methods have been unable to meet people’s needs. and the emergence of outdoor advertising machines, colorful content display, vivid display, just solve the problem. Businesses need to work smarter to grab customers’ attention. One way to do this is with digital signage in outdoor environments to interact with consumers. Today we are going to talk about how does digital signage work in outdoor environment?

Outdoor digital signage because its use environment is more complex, not only to resist high temperature, low temperature, but also needs to make the screen display clearly visible under strong sunlight, so the technical requirements of the product is very strict.

High temperature

The LCD screen used in the outdoor advertising digital signage has a backlight composed of a lot of bright light-emitting diodes. These light-emitting diodes have high power and are usually mounted on a circuit board with aluminum as the base material. When the backlight is working, a lot of heat is generated, which will make the back of the LCD panel become very hot. In the case of outdoor sunlight, the heat generated by infrared rays in the sun exceeds more than half of the radiant heat of the sun. This radiant heat passes through the glass to heat the surface of the black liquid crystal panel.

Liquid crystal is a mixture between liquid and crystalline state. As the temperature rises, usually above 60 degrees, it gradually loses its liquid crystal characteristics, and the TCON circuit of the liquid crystal panel can no longer control these liquid crystal molecules. The liquid crystal molecules that are out of control will make themselves unable to transmit light, so dark spots from small to large will begin to appear on the screen. If it is not controlled, the LCD will continue to expand, which will cause the LCD panel to fail and become scrapped.

   To get around this problem, CNLC developed specially shaped vents provide an exit for hot air while preventing rainfall and other moisture from getting in. Adopt integrated intelligent direct ventilation cooling system, professional and special air duct cooling design. High-speed running filter fan can quickly and continuously removed the internal heat. In some locations where ambient temperatures are extremely high, screens need air conditioning to ensure they don’t exceed the maximum operating temperature.

  • Low temperature

In cold weather, the liquid crystal reacts slowly and poor thermal management can result in condensation build-up and freezing electrical components. In this case we have to generate and maintain the heat inside. The backlight of the liquid crystal has a large number of LEDs, which emits more heat during operation. We can use the backlight to heat the LCD panel. Through the temperature sensor, when the temperature of the liquid crystal panel is detected to reach the working temperature range, the power supply of the signal processing circuit of the liquid crystal panel can be automatically turned on to make the advertising machine work normally. CNLC outdoor digital signage use all-aluminum shell, It can conduct heat better. Our Operating temperature is -30℃~50℃.It can be used in most parts of the world.

  • Strong ultraviolet

In high latitude areas, we also need to consider the damage of strong ultraviolet to outdoor digital signage. We will add AR glass to solve the problem.

AR glass is also called transmediation anti-reflection glass. Using the most advanced magnetron sputtering coating technology in the world, a layer of anti-reflection coating is coated on the surface of ordinary strengthened glass, which effectively reduces the reflection of the glass itself, increases the transmittance of the glass, and makes the original color through the glass. More vivid and real. 





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