How does Digital signage dissipate heat

With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic products apply to various fields and various industries. For electronic products, the influence of temperature on the product itself is enormous. Therefore, heat dissipation has almost become a common problem for all electronic products to overcome.

From the point of environmental view, we divided into indoor and outdoor. The electronic products used indoors have been very mature, and they have dealt with ideally in terms of their heat dissipation. There is a very mature heat dissipation system to ensure that the product work indoors 24 hours/7days. In the past two years, with the widespread use of outdoor digital signage, we are conquering two significant problems as a professional manufacturer of outdoor digital signage. The difficulties are outdoor digital signage high brightness issues and outdoor digital signage heat dissipation problem.

Why the heat dissipation is a headache for outdoor digital signage? I can explain it from two main aspects. Firstly, the environment, and the second product itself. Outdoor digital signage is exposed to the sunshine and the high outdoor temperature directly. The outdoor LCD screens must need to endure ultraviolet radiation and heatwaves caused by outdoor sunlight. Otherwise, the LCD screen will get black. The simple experience is that a person who stands under the sun and survives for 1 hour will experience severe heatstroke. Although digital signage is an object, it also has a lifespan. If the heat dissipation does not handle appropriately at such a high temperature, the molecules of the LCD screen will turn black and scrap the entire screen. Second, the product generated heat itself. The LCD screens used outdoors are all high brightness, and the LED backlight needs high power. When the screen switches on, the product brings a certain amount of heat during high-speed operation, so this heat will not be dissipated, which is also a direct injury on the LCD screen. Other supporting electronic product parts will also generate some heat, such as cooling fans. To deal with this heat, each manufacturer needs a certain amount of practical experience to do this job well.

LICHENG is a digital signage manufacturer with 15 years of experience in producing advertising display solution devices. The transition from the traditional static and scrolling lightbox to the current digital signage production. LICHENG has done much research in the past two years, from the waterproof enclosure to the heat dissipation, obtained a complete and effective solution. The “Guangzhou CBD outdoor digital signage case” and the “White Horse smart bus station with LCD advertising display case” are the best show results for us.

The following information is about how LICHENG handles “How does Digital signage dissipate heat?” details. LICHENG do the below two steps.

1.All-aluminum waterproof enclosure. LICHENG imagined it as a house. Please think of the LCD monitor modulesas the people living in them. There must be doors and windows in the house. The air inside can circulate. So LICHENG put a lot of effort into the shell. The cabinet which made of all aluminum, which is easier to conduct heat than other metals. And the performance is very stable. Not easy to deform and beautiful. At the aluminum enclosure bottom, set an air inlet. And at the top of the box, there is an air outlet box. Refer to the figure below.

2.Even if there are air inlets and outlets, it is still far from enough. Because of the high temperature outdoors, the entire air is full of heat. So what to do? Our engineer came up with a dual air duct by using the cooling fan system. We want the circulation speed inside the box to be higher than the flow speed of the outside air. Only in this way can the heat inside continuously deliver out to the outside of the cabinets. Row fans are installed in front of the screen to ensure that the screen’s temperature is within a reasonable range. At the same time, a row of fans set near the top air outlet. These imported fans are to provide a stable wind speed to ensure that the heat runs out. Ensure that the peak of the cabinet heat does not exceed +50°





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